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Military and Senior Citizen Discount       
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Military and Senior Citizen Discount       
Call Us Today!
(817) 656-2146

Services We Provide:

  • Chimney Cleaning and Inspections- Masonry, Prefab, Gas Logs, Wood Stoves (free standing or inserts).  We use a Soot Sweeper vacuum, not a shop vac, and flue brushes to properly clean the flue, firebox, damper, and smoke shelf. All cleanings include safety inspection inside and out.  We use drop clothes to guarantee no mess to your home.
  • Caps- We carry standard caps in the van, galvanized steel or stainless steel.  Custom caps are also available, made to order.  All caps are mortared down to ensure they won't blow off.
  • Animal Removal, Screens and Guards- Remove animals, nests and droppings. Install cap, screens or guards to prevent further infestation.
  • Crowns- Chimney crowns are the top portion of the chimney that seals the top. Over time they can deteriorate and leave your chimney vulnerable to water damage. Upon inspection we can determine condition of crown and advise if repairs are needed.
  • Brick or Siding Repair- Depending on whether your chimney is masonry or prefab, we can repair any damage to exterior of chimney.
  • Water Leaks and Flashing- Diagnose and repair leaks, waterproofing bricks or siding, repair or replace chimney flashing.
  • Chimney Height Corrections- If your chimney doesn't draw correctly, it could be the chimney is too short.
  • Spark Screens- Spark screens wear out, we replace them.
  • Firewall Repair- For masonry-check for cracks and can repair or rebuild. For prefab- can repair or replace with ceramic or stainless steel walls.
  • Damper Repair- Damper repairs, adjustments, replacements
  • Gas Logs- Install new sets, replace parts, convert from wood burning to gas logs or convert from gas logs back to wood burning.

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